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“In order to meet our community’s needs we’ve had to use multiple platforms to manage, communicate, and organize volunteers, as well as accept donations. Gigit brings all of these requirements together in one cohesive and easy-to-use online platform that simplifies this process."
Steve Pratt, Executive Director, United Way of Chatham-Kent 

Learn how teams big and small win on Gigit

Gigit makes it easier to attract and promote your events and fundraising initiatives with access to engaged and enthusiastic community members.

Plus, with Gigit’s world-class operational management backend, fundraising and event management is easier than ever as well.

Raising money shouldn’t cost you money, so whether you’re hosting a gala or engaging your community with peer-to-peer fundraising, you can do it all on Gigit, for free

  • Create and promote both free and paid events
  • Sell event tickets and/or event merchandise
  • Issue tax receipts for event tickets or merchandise costs
  • Create lists, manage check ins, and communicate event attendees
  • Find and manage event volunteers or paid workers
  • Peer-to-peer / crowdfunding

Sure, Gigit is a social community - but we're also much more than that for the non-profit sector. 

We also offer a free, world-class operational management platform that replaces the multiple software systems that you currently pay to use. 

We designed Gigit for any non-profit, charity, or foundation that needs to manage volunteers, events, donors, campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraising, auctions, and more. We also provide the data and insights you need to make informed decisions when it comes to your fundraising, community service, and organizational decisions.

Work smarter with all the tools, data and analytics in one place

Set up a donation page for your organization and start collecting immediately.

Accept donations

Run fundraising events 

Create and manage peer-to-peer fundraisers. Donations are directly deposited to you!

Recruit volunteers

Create application forms, schedule, track, and verify hours.

Sell products & merchandise

Build an ecommerce store in minutes. Easy transactions and tax receipts.

Create online auctions

Simple drag-and-drop item set up, bid tracking, and bidder engagement.

Turn insight into action

Gain valuable insight to make better organizational and community support decisions.

Join our growing community of non-profits managing donors, fundraisers, and volunteers a smarter way

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What is Gigit all about?

A social media platform built to connect organizations with engaged community members

○ Carry your non-profit through the pandemic and beyond

○ Seamlessly manage your initiatives and visualize all the data in one place

○ Make confident decisions with one source of truth everyone has access to

Learn how MADD Canada uses Gigit to ensure virtual fundraising success

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“Our Gigit experience has been exceptional. I’d recommend this platform to any non-profit organization.”

Renata Cvitkovic, Regional Manager, Ontario, MADD Canada 

How to start fundraising on Gigit in minutes!

Sign up for a free Gigit account.

Step 1

Improve operational efficiently with a management system tailored to your needs.

Step 2

It's here you'll promote and manage all of the awesome things you do to support your community:

○ Raise money
○ Manage donors
○ Communicate with volunteers

Step 3

Create and launch your fundraiser.

○ Set up automatic tax receipts

○ Connect to your Stripe account

○ Discounted rates for non-profits

○ Safe and secure processing for donors

○ 100% of donated amount goes to you 

Customize your group page - the heart of your organization's presence on Gigit. 

Have a more direct relationship with your community!

The most complete CRM for your NFP

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Migrating is easy

Unify your data in one place

Your whole team can work together. Grant and remove user access when required.

Gigit's flexible data model allows you to capture any information you need so you won't lose anything when you migrate.

○ Donors and their donations
○ Volunteers and their involvement
○ Fundraisers and their contributions

Everyone benefits on Gigit

 Gigit tracks the impact your supports make and creates social profiles they can be proud of!

It's easy to migrate your data from any system. Seamlessly port over complete CRM data using Gigit's import filters.

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